The Arizona State University School of Music is proud to host the 2012 National Band Association (NBA) Young Composer/Conductor Mentor Project and 2012 College Band Directors’ National Association (CBDNA) Band Education Symposium, “The School Band: A Radiant Source for Social Transformation, 2.0.”

This symposium will present new ideas in pedagogy and technology and discuss ways the school band and music education can become a vibrant and powerful medium for social engagement and community involvement. Participants in the symposium will have the opportunity to improve their conducting skills, learn instrument-specific pedagogical techniques, experience and interact with new technologies, see practical ways that technology can become a part of their teaching, and see the power of music programs that are actively involved in their communities.

Learn from the amazing symposium faculty including: Richard Floyd, Cheryl Floyd, Gary Hill, Carter Pann, Eric Rombach-Kendall, Mark Camphouse, Evan Tobias, and many others.

Take part in sessions and presentations dedicated in the symposium’s three principal areas: conducting and pedagogy, technology, and social engagement.

You can hear an in-depth discussion about what to expect at this symposium in a podcast featuring conference host, Professor Gary Hill, and CBDNA National President, Eric Rombach-Kendall. Click the audio player below to stream the podcast or download it at or iTunes.

We hope you will join us in Tempe this summer for what is sure to be an exciting and inspiring event.

Please contact us at with any questions.